Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Blonde in the Bazaar

A Blonde in the Bazaar
Jill Worrall
New Holland Publishers (NZ) Ltd. 2003

Jill Worrall loves Pakistan. In her four visits over the years as a travel writer and tour guide she has got to know the local people and landscape. Her enthusiasm shows as she shares the country with us.
Our perceptions of Pakistan are coloured by the way the country is portrayed in the media for all the wrong reasons. In this book we get a different view as we are introduced to the local people, fragrant bazaars, soaring mountain ranges and dangerous roads. We go with Jill on a camel ride through the dusty desert, a boat trip down the Indus River, and we visit temples and mosques, local homes, and ancient hotels.
Worrall is an accomplished writer who takes us confidently along on her travels. From her home in Timaru, New Zealand to the exotic vastness of Pakistan, and with years of travel writing behind her, Worrall makes the country come alive as if we are there with her.
I loved her recent book about Iran, Two Wings of a Nightingale, and this earlier book about Pakistan doesn’t disappoint.

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