Thursday, February 20, 2014

Realising a Vision Through Faith - book review

Realising a Vision Through Faith
by Colleen Redit with Peggy Loh
Published by Christian Ministries Charitable Trust, Chennai, India. 2013

In 1964 a keen young girl left New Zealand shores and sailed to India. Colleen Redit is still there, but much has changed. This autobiography tells the story of Colleen’s life and Ministry in Chennai in the intervening years.

I found this book inspirational. I have long known of Colleen and attended some of her meetings when on furlough in New Zealand. But the scope of the story in this book is much greater than I knew before.

From early beginnings in a small garage when she was finding her way in a foreign culture, through much social change, to a multi-faceted ministry today, Colleen’s faith remains strong. Her reason for being there is the same – to bring glory to her Lord and Master through helping the poor and outcasts and bringing people to faith in Christ.

Today Christian Ministries Charitable Trust has 25 ministries with over 400 staff. Over 3000 people are helped daily with various needs. Ministries include an orphanage, schools, handicraft workshops, medical work, and soup kitchens.

A faith ministry, trusting God to meet their needs each day, miracles are seen every day. Many lives have been transformed through CMCT, transformed by God himself, and through the faithfulness of Colleen and her workers.

I recommend this book to everyone to give a marvelous insight into what God is doing in a small corner of India.

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